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Niels Garve - web developer

Over the last six years I have gained extensive experience in web development. Currently, I work as a freelance senior web developer for different companies and projects.

I am learning data science fundamentals, key data science tools, and Python for data science in different programs created, for example, by Microsoft and IBM (see the Certifications and Education section of this CV).

This is why I am now really enthusiastic about data science and its combination with web development to build future-proof software.

Working Experience

12/2019-presentFreelance Front End Developer, Das Büro am Draht, Part of the scrum team that builds React.js micro frontends for Audi.
React.js, TypeScript, styled-components, Jest, AWS/Node.js, serverless, AEM, GitHub Actions
2/2019–11/2019Freelance Senior Front End Developer, Experience One, Senior developer and part of the scrum team building the Mercedes-Benz OneWeb Vans platform.
React.js, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Sass, AEM
8/2018–1/2019Freelance Front End Developer, Das Büro am Draht, Part of the scrum team that maintains the website of Audi.
HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, PostCSS, AEM
2/2018–7/2018Freelance Senior Front End Developer, NOLTE&LAUTH, Senior developer and part of the scrum team building the Mercedes-Benz OneWeb Vans platform.
HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Sass, AEM
9/2017–10/2017Freelance Front End Developer, customer from Fuschl, Austria.
12/2014–8/2017Front End Developer, Publicis Pixelpark, Berlin.
In charge of internal company projects using tools, technologies and standards like HTML5/CSS3, ES6, Critical CSS, mozjpeg compression, Express.js, Handlebars, WebdriverCSS and git-flow, writing modular CSS based on BEM, ensuring code quality by the use of scsslint, automating my workflow with the help of Gulp
2/2013–11/2014Student employee, Inostudio, Berlin.
Developer of the company’s main product called Inform, which is a web-based agency software built on Backbone.js and Marionette.js
8/2012–1/2013Internship, Inostudio, Berlin.
Expansion of JavaScript expertise: jQuery plugins, Backbone.js, Require.js, Phonegap and Grunt

Certifications and Education

3/2020-6/2020Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction, IBM., Overall grade: 95%.
Issued Jun 2020, Certificate ID 5694d61220974140a37a9657b633cc7e, See certificate
7/2019-9/2019Principles of Machine Learning: Python Edition, Microsoft., Overall grade: 78%.
Issued Sep 2019, Certificate ID 1e1c10432cb8437cb3cc2fe92eed86f9, See certificate
7/2019Introduction to Python for Data Science, Microsoft., Overall grade: 100%.
Issued Jul 2019, Certificate ID 1655df79462545a89cdc4af0a5b38866, See certificate
4/2010–7/2013Bachelor of Science in Media Informatics, Beuth Hochschule für Technik, Berlin, Overall grade: very good.
Bachelors thesis: Echtzeit-Raytracing mit WebGL (WebGL-driven real time ray tracing)

Qualification and Skills

Extensive Knowledge
React.js, styled-components, Jest, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Mobile First Web Design, website performance, clean code, Git, Scrum (from the developer’s perspective)
Data Science Knowledge
Python, PyTorch, scikit-learn, NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib, Jupyter Notebook, Poetry, CRISP-DM
Cloud Computing Knowledge
AWS, serverless framework, Docker
Basic Knowledge
React Native, OpenGL Shading Language, WebGL, AEM, Flask, Nest, Express, SEO, Sketch
German (native), English (fluent)

Other Interests